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Choose the right saddle size ?

The saddle is the key equipment for the success of a horse race. To increase the performance of his stallion, it is necessary not only to increase the hours of training, it is necessary above all to rely on the right accessories to use. And all types of stool are not necessarily suitable for any discipline or any type of horse. There are specific sizes that need to be known.

To each rider, a saddle size

When you buy a saddle for your horse, you have to be very careful because there are rules to follow. Since the saddle ensures good contact between the rider and his horse, it must correspond to the size of the person. Thus, there are different types of stools according to the age of the rider. For small children who want to take their first step in the world of riding, the appropriate saddle is that between 15 to 16 inches. They offer more safety on the pony. Then, for teenagers, 17-inch stools are made for them. And finally, for adults and athletes or those who want to keep fit by using their horses, one must find the right aesthetic stool among the 18 inches and more.

The stallion also has its requirements

The saddle ensures the stability of the rider on his horse, but this equipment must also allow the mount to walk well and run well. Therefore, one must choose used english saddles for sale according to the size of the animal. The principle is the following: the padding must perfectly match the shape of the horse. In the same way, the arch located in front of the saddle must also have a shape and a size complementary to that of the mount. And to make sure that the saddle you buy is the right one, you must examine the opening of the arch. To know if it is correct, the hand must be able to slide easily between the withers of the horse and the pommel. If these conditions are not respected, the horse and the rider himself may encounter great difficulties during their execution.


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