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Equitack, raising the bar high on the quality of restoration

Find a wide selection of products that will allow you to equip your frame to your taste while ensuring comfort and safety. All the best in riding equipment, many brands, available all year round, and at attractive prices. All this is available on this site:

Get your house properly equipped

Like the rider, the horse needs equipment and accessories perfectly adapted to work in better conditions. The largest choice of cover for the waterproof outdoor horse or for the stable in fleece. Protect your horse from the cold and the rain with a suitable shirt and quality for a good stability and a maximum of comfort and resistance for your horse. From care to safety to comfort, the essential accessories for your horse are multiple. It is up to you to make your choice according to your budget and your needs for a better practice of the horsemanship that it is for the leisure or for the competition. Some horses are particularly susceptible to insects such as mosquitoes, flies, horseflies and many more. It is for these that insect masks for horses have been designed. In addition to effective protection, these are true comfort solutions for your horses. This is also the case with the horse-fly knife that allows you to get rid of the ragged eggs without being a danger for it.

You will easily find the equipment you are looking for with a full range of horse accessories selected from Equitack antares saddles. The site offers equestrian equipment and accessories, designed for the comfort of your mount, as well as for their durability and robustness. To better meet the needs of all riders, Equitack has also developed a specific offer. You can now ensure your new or used saddle for all-risk damage! Thus, you will find your happiness among the many products selected for you. The prices are attractive and the products are of quality and very good too.


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