16 Septembre 2019 à 06h14 - 2016

How to try a horse ?

The number of private horse owners is increasing every year in our country. Sometimes a horse becomes a gift with many affections.

The rules for buying a horse

For those who want to try their hand at the role of horse owner, but are not ready to commit themselves for several years to come, there is a practice of renting a horse that, like a purchase, presents many legal subtleties in its design. The path to the sporting heights of most horseback riding and equestrian sports enthusiasts begins at the box office, but after a few months or years, an unpredictable horse changes and riding with ten people ceases to be fun. When you buy the horse from a specialized firm, they give you time to try it. You should first check the horse's equipment. And then, you have to follow the following steps.

The first session with the horse

The purchase of a horse is not done by a sudden impulse. It is necessary to visit the horse often and get used to it in order to establish this relationship. Then once the condition passes, we decide to do what is necessary to be the owner of the condition. We check if the horse stays still when we caress his back. Actually, it's so you don't have a problem with the saddle. The best thing is to brush him, to see his heels. It's really different to walk with the horse and ride it. It is always the reins that guide this horse, and it is important to ride a few scooters to get to know him. He is given the opportunity to guide you without the reins to see if he is able to lead you where you want him to be.

You need a morning to test the horse, and then don't negotiate on the price, or even rather what accessories go with it.